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Ajax Layered Navigation

Ajax Layered Navigation

Save 64%
  • Price filters & sliders
  • SEO friendly urls & navigation
  • Ajax Layered Navigation
  • Shop by Brand
  • Multiple and single attribute selection
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CE 1.5.X - 1.9.X

MRP : $139.00

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    Front-end Features

  • Filter products with additional options like ‘Shop by Special’ and ‘Customer Review’
  • New Arrivals’ option filters the recently added products
  • Accordion effect for Filter menus and their respective sub-menus
  • Multiple filter selections can be made for attributes (size, color, etc.) through checkboxes
  • Customer Reviews’ option can be used to filter products based on star rating
  • Categories in Filter are displayed in a tree structure. The tree structure is indicated with arrow symbols
  • Products can be filtered based on 'New Arrivals', and 'Popular Products'
  • Popular Products' option filters the highly viewed products in a particular category
  • Ajax support in layered filter navigation

    Back-end features

  • Ajax loading for the filter can either be enabled or disabled
  • Advanced Filter module can be enabled or disabled
  • For ‘New Arrivals’ filter, specific time can be set using the ‘From Date’ option to limit product suggestions
  • ‘Price Filter’ can be set based on range limits or as a slider


The Advanced filter mechanism powered by Ajax takes minimum time to fetch the appropriate results by preventing complete page reload. Multiple filters can be selected for searching products based on attributes (size, color, etc.).

Advanced Filters lets users to find their desired product accurately in quick time by providing multiple filter options. This Magento extension allows users to easily filter products in your website based on attributes, price, ‘shop by special’ and customer reviews.

The filter options are structured in a layered navigation which lets users to filter in a hierarchical flow without confusion. Users can make use of these filter options in search pages as well. For store admin, this module provides independence to create separate filters for each category.

Advanced Filters Magento extension is completely dedicated towards simplifying the product searching efforts of online shoppers by offering a variety of advanced filtering options.

These filtering options, based on attributes, price etc, help users to chop off unwanted categories suggestions from showing and throws only the result which they wish to see. This Ajax-based filter module shows the filter results without needing the whole page to get refreshed.

Filter by Attributes

You can also filter the products using any attributes which you want to show in filter.

For example, we have displayed the following attributes. (Color, Manufacturer, etc... )

Color specific customers can filter products based on colors while brand specific shoppers can prefer filtering by Manufacturer.

If you want to clear the search parameters which you have selected then you can click the “x” to remove them. You can also click on “Clear All” to clear all the search parameters.

Filter By Category

You can filter the products using the category and sub categories. The subcategories are displayed in a tree like structure.

Filter by Customer Review

This option will let users filter products based on the average of the ratings given by customers.

Shop By Special filter

Popular Products : Popular Products option is used to filter the products which are mostly viewed in a particular category.

New Arrivals : New Arrivals option is used to filter the products which are recently added.


6 Customer Reviews
  • Hans
    It is a really great extension with very high support.
    very helpful.
  • Jim
    Nice-looking, fast, easy to use.
  • Davide
    Great extension and thank you to the support team for their help on our custom theme.
  • Palmer
    What I specially like about this module is the way it works with URL params. Hint: you can include the link to pre-filtered set of products into, say, NL, to get your customers the exact items YOU want to sell them.
  • Dan
    This is just a great extension, Works fast, and works everywhere! For stores with large catalogs, it is just a must.
  • Brian
    Easy to purchase online. Just as easy to download, install and configure on our client site. Good job and well done!