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Automatic Related Product

Automatic Related Product

  • Use flexible conditions to determine products display
  • Hide out of stock products
  • Smart mechanism for automatic product relation
  • Show related products based on views or purchases
  • Set parameters for accurate stats collecting
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CE 1.5.X - 1.9.X
90 Days


  • Display blocks with related, up-selling and cross-selling items.
  • Show products depending on the number of views or purchases
  • Hide products with zero and negative stock quantity
  • Configure flexible rules for products display
  • Display related and up-selling items on product pages
  • Specify the time period for stats data gathering
  • Replace manually added products with the ones generated automatically
  • Manage the number of products displayed in each block


Show related products viewed or purchased together with a specific store item. Let customers easily find relevant products popular among store visitors and raise the number of spontaneous purchases. Smart mechanism for automatic product relation Use flexible conditions to determine products display Set parameters for accurate stats collecting Show related products based on views or purchases

In Magento there are three types of product relations: Up-sells, Related Products, and Cross-sell Products. Two of them appear while viewing a product, and one usually appears in the shopping cart.


    Exclude Products by Category

  • Specify coma separated category IDs to exclude products assigned to these categories from display.
  • Query Limit

  • The option lets you indicate the maximal number of queries (product views and purchases) for a specific time period basing on which the module will gather statistical data and display related, up-selling and cross-selling products.

  • Enabled:- The option turns on/off the display of products.
  • Maximum products count:- Here you can specify the maximal number of product items that can be displayed in the product block on a product page.
  • Manually added products:- the option lets you choose among 3 product display modes: Replace manually added products (the module will replace all manually added items with the ones generated automatically); Display manually added products only (only products manually assigned as up-selling will be displayed); Append to manually added products (both manually added and automatically generated products will be shown);
  • Show in stock products only:- If the option is set to 'yes' all out of stock products will be hidden.
  • Data gathered period:- Specify the time period basing on which the module will gather statistical data and display up-selling products.
  • Data source:- the feature defines if products selection will be based on product views or purchases. It has 2 modes: Viewed together; Bought together;

  • Category condition:- Specify from which categories autogenerated products will be selected. The option offers 3 modes: Any (products from all categories can be selected as up-sells); Only (only items from the same category with the main product will be displayed); Exclude from result (products from the same category with the main product will be excluded);
  • Brand condition:- Choose whether to select products of any brand or of the same brand with the chosen product.
  • Price condition:- Price condition defines if auto-generated products can have any price or the same price with the main product. It also possible to choose higher or lower price.


11 Customer Reviews
  • Slavka
    I have installed 2 Magehub Extensions now, including this one and I have yet to find out if their Magehub support is good, because in all two cases the extensions have worked perfectly right out of the box. I have been using the Automatically Related Product for about two weeks now and it does exactly what it is supposed to do.
  • Lucinda
    I've been using this extension for quite a while now and would definitely recommend it to future clients.
  • Ralph T.
    This extension did exactly what I needed it to do on my site. After researching many similar extensions, I concluded that this 'Automatically Related Product' extension offered the most features. These extensions work seamlessly together and both integrate perfectly with my responsive theme. The customer service provided by Magehub is simply the best! They are fast and friendly and thorough with responses, making purchasing here a stress-free experience!
  • Leonardo
    Very friendly customer support. Thank you Magehub for your help! The extension was installed incorrectly by my developer but Magehub support fixed everything within a day. the module shows excellent results as well. number of reviews on my site increased. Keep up the good work!
  • Júlia Sousa
    These guys know what they are doing. I used their extensions in the past but they improved their stuff drastically. No more conflicts with other modules and clean code. Big respect guys.
  • kevin
    No problems installing. Very flexible and powerful. Aheadworks is an excellent vendor.
  • Tom
    Flexible, fast and powerful extension.
  • Smith
    The results are excellent. We have used a number of Aheadworks extensions and found them all to be excellent.
  • Erik
    Great Extension. Really customize what your customers are viewing to buy.
  • Shep
    Support response is quick and helpful. Feels like the right level of customization, too. Thumbs up all around so far!
  • Bernd
    The settings are more flexible and adjustable to my needs.
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