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Improved Import / Export for Magento 2

Improved Import / Export for Magento 2

Save 28%
  • Flexible scheduled cron jobs for import & export.
  • Import from remote FTP,SFTP,URL.Dropbox
  • Attributes and values on the fly during import
  • Full XML, TXT,and CSV support. ZIP and TAR archives support
  • Category import & Support for all product types
  • Export of orders,products, and customer with filters and mapping
  • Custom options import & export
CE 2.0.X - CE 2.3.X

MRP : $69.00

Special Price $49.00

90 Days


  • product images import from Dropbox or via Custom URL and FTP
  • Flexible cron jobs (admin run, CLI)
  • csv file import from Dropbox or via Custom URL and FTP
  • untar / unzip achive with CSV file inside
  • TXT files format support additionally to CSV. TXT can be tab (\t) or space(\s) separated
  • debug import in var/log/firebear-import.log


We’ve started a new project aimed at improving the default Magento 2 import / export functionality. Although this process is significantly refined now, it still lacks some important features; therefore we are developing this Magento 2 extension.


6 Customer Reviews
  • Nadeem
    This is the best extension you will ever have for import and dealing with your data without suffering a lot ..
  • Chris
    I have many confusion for import products, but after installed this extension it make very easy for job me.
    Great Work and easy to recommended for further customers.
  • Michael
    Feeling good to find quick solutions for products import/export easily on magento 2 with this extension.
    Highly Recommended !!
  • Gary Christian
    I did purchased extension, but after installation was not sure how to configure it correctly. I did contacted support and they did quickly support to me how it's works and made configuration as require, It's started works as expected.
  • Kaia
    Extension works great and has lot of features which offers lot of possibilities and solutions for many use cases.
  • Thomas
    The import feature is working better as expected. it's incredible how is able to import also customized attributes or products fields, with a minimal effort.