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Rental Products Management

Magento 2 Rental Products Management Extension

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Rental Product Management is a breakthrough Magento 2 extension that allows store/product owners and customers to 'rent out' and 'rent in' products such as event and party supplies, houses, cars, books, wedding dresses, party outfits, home décor items, etc.

Rental Product Management allows store owners to rent out items in their inventory for a fixed period of time, charged on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The customers can choose to have the store items picked up from in-store or have it delivered at their doorstep. Similarly, homeowners can enlist their rented properties to be leased out for a fixed duration. The extension of which will invite an additional charge.


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Here are some key features of the Rental Product Management extension:

  • If you are starting an online store for selling products or already have an existing one, this extension will help you quickly add rental products to the catalog in the backend.
  • Rental products or properties can be availed by a customer for a chosen fixed period of time and are charged accordingly on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Allows custom delivery options by setting an advanced reservation period, for customers to avail of extended rental period options, up to a maximum duration.
  • Allows you to setup lead time for a rental product, so as to ensure that the product item is always available in-stock for the next customer. This is very much like how books are managed in libraries.
  • Along with the main rental product, the extension offers the Advanced Pricing feature, setting separate pricing for the fixed rental duration, and another for additional 'extended period' rental time.
  • Simple UI, with all customer orders and rental information made available in the My Account dashboard.
  • Customers can choose a delivery option – In-store pickup or doorstep delivery at their convenience.
  • The extension comes with an elaborate rental product management system, where admin can track rental product orders, and make edits to the product catalog based on the stock available. The admin can send receipts too.

Frontend features

  • DISPLAY rental product details.
  • CHOOSE the desired rental period and additional options.
  • On setting PICKUP delivery, the address will be displayed on the product page via Google Maps APIs.
  • On setting SHIPPING delivery (by admin filling in lead time) it will be displayed on the product page to notify their customers that they cannot start renting during the lead time.
  • VIEW personal rental history in 'My Account'.

Backend features

  • CREATE a new product type in your online store i.e. Rental product.
  • ADD additional items to the rental product list and upsell.
  • SET UP rental duration by <hour/ day/ week/ month / year>
  • IF delivery options SET UP for Pickup (set the store address).
  • SET UP Delivery option for Shipping (set the lead time).
  • SET UP price adjustment for a Fixed rental duration and additional (extended) rental period.
  • SET UP an advanced reservation duration and Opening time for renting products.
  • SET UP the maximum rental period up to which products can be rented.
  • CHOOSE additional options for Fixed pricing or rental-time based pricing
  • TRACK and MANAGE rental product stock quantity, availability status, and rental duration.
  • VIEW rental data and orders
  • CHANGE rental order status.
  • CHANGE the location settings for the Calendar.
  • CREATE custom email templates for each rental product ordered with a unique identification code.
  • ANNOUNCE the (default) Rental Policy in place.


    It's nice to own stuff, but it's nicer and profitable to rent out products that are possibly for 'one-off' use. A rental business model can work wonders for both the product owner as well as the customer.

    Rental Product Management is a simple, secure and user-friendly product rental extension that works seamlessly in the backend of your eCommerce store. The frontend displays the product details of the range of products across categories with their rental requirement duration, pick up and return dates, rates, mode of delivery/ shipment and rates per hour, day or a week, etc.

Technical Requirement

Use Cases – How this Extension is Useful

    The Magento 2 Rental Product Management extension can be used for a lot of rental products across diverse businesses.

    Here are a few most popular ones amongst our clients:


    A car or a fleet of cars can be displayed as a rental product on an online store simply by integrating the Rental Product Management extension.

    A customer can rent a car by filling in the lead starting the rental period, the automotive brand of choice, the number of passenger seating required, the pick-up date and return date, and mode of delivery (in-store- pickup or doorstep delivery).

    While the initial charges against the basic duration are quoted in base price (on hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly basis), additional charges are levied with the increase in duration.


    This is one area with the highest demand because the supplies required for an event or party use is never preferred to be bought by customers, considering them to be more of a one-off use item.

    This can include product items from chairs to tables and tapestries; from lighting accessories to cutleries and dishes amongst innumerable other products.

    The Rental Product Management extension works efficiently to facilitate the rental management of products.

    Customers can place orders to rent products displayed in the store which will include parameters like quantity required, material (as in furniture or dining items) rental duration (hours, days, weeks, etc.), mode of delivery – in-store pickup or doorstep delivery.

    There is also a provision of additional charges to be levied for the extended rental duration.


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